Monthly Archives: July 2016

Entering the MTC!

Liann entered the MTC on June 29, 2016. Here is what she had to say in her first letter on her first p-day in the MTC:

The first day in the MTC wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I stayed very calm and didn’t cry once. My companions name is Sister Hoch. She is amazing!! We are a lot alike but we also have our differences which makes our companionship work. Something really funny about her is that she gets goose bumps all the time whenever she feels passionate about something or if she really likes something. She also just learned how to whistle so she randomly breaks out in this weak whistle that makes me laugh. I have the top bunk. There are two other sisters in our room: Sister Godfrey and Sister Clark. They are great! 
Sister Hoch and I get up a little earlier in the morning to exercise. That is one of the best things to do to start your day. Then we go through our busy schedule and we barely have enough time to think! But the Spirit is sooooo strong here! And everyone is really nice. I’m excited for tomorrow so I can greet the new missionaries. Oh, guess what. Sister Hoch and I are the Sister Training Leaders for our district! I have no idea how that’s supposed to go. But it will be great experience and a learning opportunity. We’ve already taught pretend investigators and possibly not pretend. You never really know. The Elders in my district are hilarious so right before dinner when we are slap happy it gets interesting. Yesterday we were talking about 1 Nephi chapters 3 and 4 and we ended up joking about Laban with his missing head. Elder Berger is one of the funniest people I know. We also have an Elder who plays for Utah State, Elder Fitisimanu. Maybe ask Dad about him.
There is so much swimming in my head right now that I want to tell you! For now just know that I am happy and not worried about a thing. I have grown so much in this short time and I have learned to rely on the Spirit heavily. I love you so much!! Tell everyone I said hi and that I love them.