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I Love Mondays!

I don’t know where to begin! On Monday I saw the ocean from a prison cell window. We were touring for a P-Day activity! It was a very strange and harsh place to be. At first I was very uncomfortable, but after getting used to the prisoners (and not making eye contact) I was able to feel more secure. We met a female detainee who has been reading the Book of Mormon as well as the pamphlets we teach from. She’s very interested in becoming a member. This was the only place we felt the Spirit in the entire prison. I wish I could have taken pictures to show you what it was like, but that wasn’t allowed.

Wednesday we had exchanges which is when you have a new companion for the day. I was parred up with Sister Hoch!! We just can’t get away from each other! Exchanges are a great opportunity to share different skills with one another and to get away from your trainer (in our case). It was a little crazy because we are both training and I’m not all that familiar with the area because I don’t drive! But we got it figured out and I learned how to read a map!

Right now we have three investigators on date to be baptized! This place is booming suddenly! Our newest investigator’s name is Allison, age 17. She is living with her aunt, who is a less active, and she agreed to take the discussions when we met with them. Our first full discussion we committed her to baptism. Since then she has gone beyond what we assigned her to do! She had lots of questions for us, she wanted to know how to become one of Gods “chosen”, and now she is asking about Personal Progress! She is truly an elect investigator. She is very kind and genuine. She’s had a rough life, but somehow she still relies on God and she trusts His will.

And, of course, I ran into the Bill’s at a Come See For Yourself Sunday evening! When I say Elder Bill’s I got sooooooooooooooo excited! Then I saw Sister Bill’s. I ran up to her and gave her a big hug. I even started to cry!! It was strange seeing someone from home. But it was good and I’m glad that I got to see them. Allison came to the Come See For Yourself devotional with her aunt and cousin. They all really liked it and they want to come to the next one! I’m so grateful to see the work progressing! I know the gospel changes lives and I want everyone to experience that change.

I am so grateful for the Atonement and for the love that my Father in Heaven has for me. I have learned to rely on Christ and in the Comforter.

Sister Tomkinson


Hi! The weather isn’t bad at all! There has barely been any rain and for the most part it’s been pretty warm. There was one day that was cold so now I’m on the lookout for winter clothes.😁 Shopping!!!! Today we are going to the fair! We are even allowed to go on rides! Then we are going to go on a hike to find the “lost lake”. It’s going to be a fun day! This week I learned about faith and acting upon faith. Acting upon faith strengthens your faith and there is a constant cycle that we are on: Action–> Evidence–> Assurance–> Action–> and so the pattern continues. By acting on faith we can get closer to Christ and by doing so you want to be the best person you can be. Faith is a power, it is light. When the light of our faith matches the light of Gods glory we are content in his presence. That is why there are three degrees of glory. God wants us to be comfortable in His presence. It’s like when our eyes adjust to darkness and then the light is switched on and it hurts. God gives us commandments in this life so we can be comfortable in his presence. The most important commandment is the one you need to work on the most. When you are not living God’s ways and you know it you feel spiritual pain. That is why the Atonement is such a great thing! You can become better and you can throw off the guilt that blankets your spirit with gloom. But what good is a gift if you don’t use it? We all have to repent on a daily basis. And I’m so grateful for the opportunity I have to become a better person. I love you so much and I love hearing about the family. Pictures, quotes, favorite talks are always welcome! Your loving missionary, Sister Tomkinson😇