Hi! The weather isn’t bad at all! There has barely been any rain and for the most part it’s been pretty warm. There was one day that was cold so now I’m on the lookout for winter clothes.😁 Shopping!!!! Today we are going to the fair! We are even allowed to go on rides! Then we are going to go on a hike to find the “lost lake”. It’s going to be a fun day! This week I learned about faith and acting upon faith. Acting upon faith strengthens your faith and there is a constant cycle that we are on: Action–> Evidence–> Assurance–> Action–> and so the pattern continues. By acting on faith we can get closer to Christ and by doing so you want to be the best person you can be. Faith is a power, it is light. When the light of our faith matches the light of Gods glory we are content in his presence. That is why there are three degrees of glory. God wants us to be comfortable in His presence. It’s like when our eyes adjust to darkness and then the light is switched on and it hurts. God gives us commandments in this life so we can be comfortable in his presence. The most important commandment is the one you need to work on the most. When you are not living God’s ways and you know it you feel spiritual pain. That is why the Atonement is such a great thing! You can become better and you can throw off the guilt that blankets your spirit with gloom. But what good is a gift if you don’t use it? We all have to repent on a daily basis. And I’m so grateful for the opportunity I have to become a better person. I love you so much and I love hearing about the family. Pictures, quotes, favorite talks are always welcome! Your loving missionary, Sister Tomkinson😇


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