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It’s been 3 months already!

This past week has been amazing besides my companion getting a little sick. I did get to see the woman’s broadcast. It was really good and I took lots of notes! We even had Allison one of our investigators with us. She said it was really good and she learned a lot. I can’t wait for general conference! We are planning on taking Allison with us to a member’s home so she can watch all the sessions. I saw the Bill’s again at another Come See For Yourself devotional. They are always a welcome face to see.

Transfers are coming up in the next couple of weeks. I’ll be getting a new companion. A part of me is ready for a change but then there’s the part of me that’s just like: Aaaaaah! CHANGE! 😱 Everything with Allison just keeps escalating and so much is about to change. I’m heavily relying on Heavenly Father right now. And he has been taking pretty good care of me! I know everything will be okay.


It’s Sister Tomkinson’s Birthday! ðŸŽ‚

Thank you so much for the package! I’m very grateful for a box from home. My companion had a birthday party for me this morning. She woke up in the middle of the night just to decorate! I also got packages from Grandma Tom and Floyd. Sister Nelson’s mom also sent me some stuff. In grandma Tom’s package she sent some of her homemade cookies. I almost cried! It’s been a fantastic morning and we are planning on climbing up part of Mount Baker. I think it’s the tallest mountain here or something. There’s a glacier at the top and it’s always covered in snow.

This past week has been super real. We talked to our investigator Sharon, who’s husband is a less active member. She hasn’t been keeping commitments so we might have to drop her. We testified to her the real help and blessings you receive from living the gospel. We also talked to Perry, her husband, and told him that he knows what he needs to do. They are really struggling financially and with their health. I know that if they would pay their tithing that they would be blessed.

 We also visited Allison. She lives with her less active aunt and cousins. She has been struggling getting into a school because of certain qualifications, but she finally got in. We taught her about tithing and about following the prophet. She has been receiving everything with an open heart and mind and she is excited to get baptized. She is struggling with depression right now. There’s a lot of contention at her aunt’s home. I wish I could take her home with us!

And of course, we visited with the McGirrs. They are so amazing! We had a sort of meeting/ pre-birthday party thing. We have a talk that we want to give the Ward Members participating in the 40 day fast. Sister McGirr even had some black discs that we could use that she had bought that day without knowing what she was going to do with them. And they have a fat cat named Simba and I found his catnip. We had a lot of fun watching him go crazy! We are pretty good buddies now.😸

We had a member show up the other day who dropped of three bags of groceries! We are set for life!!​

Thank you for all your prayers! 

Sister Tomkinson

This past week has been a little difficult. I was stressed about exchanges and taking control over my area for the day. Along with all my other emotions, homesickness is hitting me.😖😌 It’s hard not to have a snuggle session or a hug from your Mom. I’ve also been thinking about Grandma Tom and Rockland a lot. I just really miss family and friends. But I’ll be okay! I have a crazy companion who’s been through the same thing.😁
We had a pretty cool experience with tracting a couple days ago. Sister Nelson and I both felt a prompting to visit this former investigator family and they turned out not being home. But we knew we were in the area for a reason. So we walked the streets and knocked on doors we felt prompted to. We found a Catholic lady who was married to a less active lds guy who isn’t in our records. She said we could come back! Then we knocked on another house. This guy with super curly hair answered. He was untangling a necklace. We talked for a bit and he said he had a LDS friend. We also found out he was a magician and that he was traveling to Mexico soon. We kept talking and found out that he was roommates with a guy we’d talked to on the streets back when the fair was going. The fair guy, Cortney, has been taking the discussions from the YSA sisters. So we gave the magician, Sterling, a copy of the Book of Mormon and invited him to sit in on one of the discussions. It was pretty cool to have such a spiritually guided day!
Allison, one of our investigators, has been doing really good. She has been struggling with her whole family situation and the drama that goes with that, but she has been turning to the gospel for help and comfort. She is truly elect. She keeps her commitments and always has questions for us to help her with. She is looking forward to her baptismal date and is excited to go to the the temple. I really love helping people find happiness. It is the best!

Your Missionary 



I didn’t get to email yesterday because it was a holiday and the library was closed. So here I am now! I’m going to have to be quick, thought, because we only get an hour.😑

Thanks for the joke. I like a little laughter in my letters. lolol😂 I’m glad Dad will have a job with normal hours. Family time, I have come to realize, is the most important time you can have. It will be good to have him home more. Yesterday I got to touch the ocean and naturally I had to lick my salt water soaked hand. The place we went was called Deception Pass. The bridge we crossed was about 180 feet tall. It was scary cool! On the beach I found lots of cool rocks, shells, and other living things including a small hermit crab. I love it here!

This week I have learned to have my confidence in Christ. Here’s a quote from district meeting on Wednesday: “If your self worth is dependent on anything other than your relationship with Christ, you are in big trouble. We must link our self worth to Him.” I know this is true. Christ is the only sure thing in this life. He is steady and fast and if we build off of anything else, we will fail time and time again to find true happiness and real self worth. There is so much that the mission has shown me and I want so badly for others to see, even members. I think we get too comfortable in where we are in our progression of life and we feel that since we are “comfortable” we don’t need to do anything. This is a false comfort. That is Satan trying to keep you from your full potential and your complete happiness. We should always be moving forward, there is no sitting still in this church! If we are truly to come unto Christ we MUST cast off the natural man who tells us not to do something because of fear, who tells us we can’t because we aren’t good enough. And the only way to go through this life and become better people is by forgetting ourselves and reaching out to others. This life is not about you. It’s about easing someones burdens, lifting the fallen, befriending the friendless, and loving everyone.

I am so grateful for this time that I have for a mission. I have learned so much already and I’m excited to see what life has in store for me!