I didn’t get to email yesterday because it was a holiday and the library was closed. So here I am now! I’m going to have to be quick, thought, because we only get an hour.😑

Thanks for the joke. I like a little laughter in my letters. lolol😂 I’m glad Dad will have a job with normal hours. Family time, I have come to realize, is the most important time you can have. It will be good to have him home more. Yesterday I got to touch the ocean and naturally I had to lick my salt water soaked hand. The place we went was called Deception Pass. The bridge we crossed was about 180 feet tall. It was scary cool! On the beach I found lots of cool rocks, shells, and other living things including a small hermit crab. I love it here!

This week I have learned to have my confidence in Christ. Here’s a quote from district meeting on Wednesday: “If your self worth is dependent on anything other than your relationship with Christ, you are in big trouble. We must link our self worth to Him.” I know this is true. Christ is the only sure thing in this life. He is steady and fast and if we build off of anything else, we will fail time and time again to find true happiness and real self worth. There is so much that the mission has shown me and I want so badly for others to see, even members. I think we get too comfortable in where we are in our progression of life and we feel that since we are “comfortable” we don’t need to do anything. This is a false comfort. That is Satan trying to keep you from your full potential and your complete happiness. We should always be moving forward, there is no sitting still in this church! If we are truly to come unto Christ we MUST cast off the natural man who tells us not to do something because of fear, who tells us we can’t because we aren’t good enough. And the only way to go through this life and become better people is by forgetting ourselves and reaching out to others. This life is not about you. It’s about easing someones burdens, lifting the fallen, befriending the friendless, and loving everyone.

I am so grateful for this time that I have for a mission. I have learned so much already and I’m excited to see what life has in store for me!


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