This past week has been a little difficult. I was stressed about exchanges and taking control over my area for the day. Along with all my other emotions, homesickness is hitting me.😖😌 It’s hard not to have a snuggle session or a hug from your Mom. I’ve also been thinking about Grandma Tom and Rockland a lot. I just really miss family and friends. But I’ll be okay! I have a crazy companion who’s been through the same thing.😁
We had a pretty cool experience with tracting a couple days ago. Sister Nelson and I both felt a prompting to visit this former investigator family and they turned out not being home. But we knew we were in the area for a reason. So we walked the streets and knocked on doors we felt prompted to. We found a Catholic lady who was married to a less active lds guy who isn’t in our records. She said we could come back! Then we knocked on another house. This guy with super curly hair answered. He was untangling a necklace. We talked for a bit and he said he had a LDS friend. We also found out he was a magician and that he was traveling to Mexico soon. We kept talking and found out that he was roommates with a guy we’d talked to on the streets back when the fair was going. The fair guy, Cortney, has been taking the discussions from the YSA sisters. So we gave the magician, Sterling, a copy of the Book of Mormon and invited him to sit in on one of the discussions. It was pretty cool to have such a spiritually guided day!
Allison, one of our investigators, has been doing really good. She has been struggling with her whole family situation and the drama that goes with that, but she has been turning to the gospel for help and comfort. She is truly elect. She keeps her commitments and always has questions for us to help her with. She is looking forward to her baptismal date and is excited to go to the the temple. I really love helping people find happiness. It is the best!

Your Missionary 


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