It’s been 3 months already!

This past week has been amazing besides my companion getting a little sick. I did get to see the woman’s broadcast. It was really good and I took lots of notes! We even had Allison one of our investigators with us. She said it was really good and she learned a lot. I can’t wait for general conference! We are planning on taking Allison with us to a member’s home so she can watch all the sessions. I saw the Bill’s again at another Come See For Yourself devotional. They are always a welcome face to see.

Transfers are coming up in the next couple of weeks. I’ll be getting a new companion. A part of me is ready for a change but then there’s the part of me that’s just like: Aaaaaah! CHANGE! 😱 Everything with Allison just keeps escalating and so much is about to change. I’m heavily relying on Heavenly Father right now. And he has been taking pretty good care of me! I know everything will be okay.


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