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Hello everybody everywhere!
This week has been a pretty mellow week for me. This morning we went and played volleyball with a group of missionaries and some moms. It was great! I’m already sore. The past few days my companion hasn’t been feeling very well so we took it a little easier than we would normally. I have really been enjoying the change that a transfer has brought. I feel like I can do more now that I’m out of training, but that was just a silly mind set! We had our half mission conference with Elder Dube on Tuesday. He spoke at general conference a little while ago. He is a black guy with a very thick accent. I got a lot from what I was able to understand Something that hit me the most was that we are teaching what we personally know, not what we should know or could know. And we teach from the heart. 
One of our investigators is getting baptized on the 5th of November! She has basically been a member for a couple of years now, she just needs to be baptized. We have been working on planning her baptism and I’m glad to have a companion who has planned one before because I wouldn’t know the first place to start! Sister Nelson might be coming back for Heidi’s baptism too. It will be fun to see her again. 
We accidentally went to Canada… So what happened was TomTom was leading us down a highway and we saw this beautiful rainbow off in the distance and it looked like it was getting closer and closer… then we were at a border crossing station with nowhere to turn around. We called Sister McGirr and she laughed at us a bit. Then she told us to talk to the people inside this little store we were parked next to so we did. The lady at the front desk listened to our situation and said: “So you want to go back to the States?” And we were all like:”…Yes…?” We didn’t think we were out of the States! 
So to summarize… don’t listen to TomTom, be yourself because you are enough, and follow your heart! Go out and do good!
Sister Tomkinson


I was getting ready to write to Liann and realized I didn’t get last week’s letter posted!  Here it is…

Hello Everyone! This week has been fantastic!
Last P-Day with Sister Nelson

Our last p-day was pretty mellow. We went to a pumpkin patch that also had a little corn maze which we finished in about 7 minutes give or take. Then we went to an antique store down the road. It was really cool! It was an old house and every room was filled with interesting and unique items. There was a lot of furniture that made me think of Fixer Upper and I think you would have been in heaven! Then we did a little shopping at Value Village. I think we were both a little stressed with transfers and we just wanted to forget everything. We spent the rest of the day saying goodbye to members, less actives, and investigators. 

The McGirrs drove us to the Mission Office for transfers. We left a little early so we could take lunch at Cafe Rio. I guess it’s a really popular place in Utah and Arizona. Sister Nelson explained it as “Mormon Mexican food” because it’s owned by Mormons. It was good, but I’m also not the best judge of food. Most of the time I just want yogurt. When we got to the Mission Office there were missionaries everywhere! It was pretty exciting. I got your package. It is really cool! Thank you for doing that! I didn’t meet my new companion til a little later. after packing her up we lead Sister Nelson and Sister Howard, her new companion, to their apartment because they are whitewashing in and neither of them knew where it was and they didn’t have their GPS out. After we guided them home, we started our own trek home. About half way back we realized that Sister Nelson’s purse and coat were still in the car! So we called her and turned around. We ended up missing our dinner appointment so the McGirr’s took us to Wendy’s. By the time we got home it was late, but not late enough to stay home, and we were ready to hibernate.  
1st Full Day with the New Companion

Sister Packer and I did a lot of work our first day, though we didn’t talk to a ton of people. It was mostly just a lot of knocking on doors and awkwardly talking to strangers. The usual. Good thing I mentally prepared for this by watching The Office! After dinner we did a little bit of shopping to get Sister Packer through till Monday.
New Investigator #1

Our first day we also stumbled across a Sikh woman at home and she is now a new investigator! The Sikh religion is actually pretty close to what we believe. I don’t know all about it, but this family studies from the Bible. She told us about her beliefs and her life and how grateful she was to be in America. 
Family Help

As a missionary I have discovered that people tell us EVERYTHING. I wish I was getting paid for the counseling I have done for people. It is crazy what some people tell us! I no longer want to be a child psycologest or anything. Real life is not for me. I’ve decided I’m going to live in Disney where I can always be a child! Just kidding! But for real, I have no idea what I want to do other than be a mom.  
In the Pink with Sister McGirr

On Friday we went into the “pink area” which is a farther area that we don’t go to very often. Sister McGirr took us up there and we talked with a few families. We also had the unique opportunity to go to a wedding reception. Jeanne wanted to drop by because she was worried there wouldn’t be very many people there. We didn’t stay long, but I still got to toast the bride and groom and watch their dance. It was very sweet!
Investigator #2

Saturday we received a media referral. A lady wanted a bible and we were the ones to deliver it to her.🙌🙌🙌 She had just moved in to her new home with her family. She is from Africa somewhere and she had an older son in about his later 20s and then a couple of teens, a daughter and two sons. We offered to teach her more about our beliefs and about the Book of Mormon. Her oldest son questioned us the most about our beliefs. He isn’t interested….yet. But the mom, Karima, is! We might see them again this week.
The “Storm”

So, probably the funniest thing about the catastrophic storm that we were going to have is that it never happened. Every house that we knocked on the people told us either they couldn’t talk because they were preparing for the storm, or they said we need to get in doors because a beg storm was coming. Ha ha ha.😑 I was really looking forward to some service opportunities. Oh well. 
Spontaneous Correlation Meeting

Sunday night we had the delightful opportunity to get together with our wonderful ward mission leader Joe McGirr. We discussed what we were going to do for our ward mission plan. I also played with their cat Simba. We are BFFs. This area is about to explode! I can feel it! I’m so excited to see what will happen!
Sister Tomkinson
P.S. To the other Sister Tomkinson: John McGirr is your AP?! What a small world! (I couldn’t figure out how to just send a message to you! lol)

Hello everyone!!!
This past week has been amazing! We went to the Peace Arch and it was pretty cool. We didn’t go through it at first because it was taped off. That didn’t keep us back for long! Now I’ve been to another country! After running from Canada back the the U.S. we had a bonfire at the McGirrs. 
Sister Nelson and I have been teaching a less active family , the Logstons, the lessons in preparation of them going to the temple. Brother Logston’s nephew is living with them and we are teaching him the lessons too. This family has a lot of health issues. Sister Logston and her sons all get really bad seizures and brother Logston has a terminal cancer that may or may not be in remission. They have really been struggling, but they are trying to get to the temple. I love how much hope there is for eternal families! 
Elder Hatch gave his last District Meeting Wednesday. Afterward we had a “funeral”. We ate at a burger place and took pictures at a cemetery! 
Thursday we volunteered at a Pioneer Museum. They were having an open house/ music festival. We were assigned to the game room where we taught kids how to play pioneer games. I had taken two excedrine for a headache so I was going a little crazy and I learned how to juggle. It was fun to see a bunch of people running around the Museum dressed like pioneers. 
We’ve also been teaching a lady named Krista. She is a mother of 3 whom she home schools. She is involved in another church but she is willing to listen to what we believe. We taught her the Plan of Salvation in our last lesson and she shared many of the same beliefs. I love it when members of other churches are respectful and willing to listed to our message. Too often we come across people who get angry with us for talking to them about what we believe. 
I also got a free pair of Birkenstock’s! I don’t know when I will use them on my mission…
We had a lesson with Sharon Pullen too. Sister Nelson felt inspired to promise her that if she started reading the Book of Mormon their financial problems would go away. We hope she listens.
Probably the most surprising, or strange, thing that happened this week was seeing Allison after the whole drama. The whole family acted like nothing had happened. It was really eerie. One of the girls’ friends in the ward later told us that they probably won’t be coming back to church because Sister Butler felt like everyone was judging them. I hope Allison will be able to find the church again. We do have a return appointment this coming Wednesday. I guess we will see what happens.
Yesterday we had an early birthday party for Sister Nelson at the McGirrs with the Ocheltrees. The reason we had an early birthday party is because Sister Nelson is getting transferred!😭😭😭 This is my last full day with my mother trainer! I’m nervous and excited to see who I will be with next. 
I have been dedicating my studies to the Book of Mormon because that is the tool that we use to prove that Jesus is the Christ and this is His restored church. I didn’t realize before how much was in the Book of Mormon. EVERYTHING that we need to know is in it. It has been the greatest opportunity to study these words. I hope that you will all study and feast upon the words of Christ! 
Have a great week!
Sister Tomkinson

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions! Monday, as you already know, started off with drama with our less active member and investigator. After e-mailing we walked to a Chinese restaurant. It was pretty good! Then we went to a park and played croquet. I dominated! I had no idea I was so good at it. The only thing is that I accidentally broke the mallet… After playing in the park we strolled the streets of Lynden and did a little bit of antiquing. I was so close to buying an exotic musical instrument! But I have more self control than that. It was a pretty mellow P-day.
Tuesday our day started off with our furious less active member again. She was convinced that her niece, our investigator, had told us something about her and she yelled at us over and over to tell us what she had told us. A lot happened in the conversation, so much that my companion and I were pretty much useless the entire day. Nether of us could focus! We both got blessings a few hours later and then we had permission to take it easy. So we hung out with sister Jeanne McGirr all day. We talked things over as much as we could. We even did a little bit of shopping (we had special permission). 
Wednesday we had District Meeting and we worked on asking and teaching with inspired questions. This is when you reach out to heaven seeking a spiritual prompting of what you need to say or ask. Later that evening we cleaned headstones at the cemetery with the ward. At this activity we had one of our investigators who has been coming to church for a couple of years. She is seventeen and pretty much a member already, she just needs to be baptized. The only challenge is finding time in her busy schedule to teach her. So we took this opportunity to teach her ALL the lessons. This was also the day the 40 day fast kicked off. It has been going pretty well so far. 
General conference was AMAZING! Many of my questions were answered and I received so much guidance. I can’t remember who spoke, but the talk that touch me the most was the one that said that our past sins will not prevent us from exaltation as long as we always repent and never rebel against god. I was touched deeply in my heart with peace and comfort. It was my first time wearing church clothes for all sessions of general conference. I think there is also a very special spirit when you watch it in the chapel. I hope we can all focus on what we need to change in our lives to live more like Christ.
I’m still mentally preparing for my first transfer. I don’t know if Sister Nelson or I will be transferred out, we will figure out soon though. If you want to send me something, I would just send it to the mission office to be safe.😁  
Today we are going to the Peace Arch. The Peace Arch is a place where you can step over the Canadian border without getting swarmed my border patrol. After that we are going to do a bit of grocery shopping and then we will go over to the McGirrs for a hot dog roast! This is our district leaders last p-day and we are going to make it one he will remember forever!

I love you and pray for you everyday!

Sister Tomkinson