This week has been a roller coaster of emotions! Monday, as you already know, started off with drama with our less active member and investigator. After e-mailing we walked to a Chinese restaurant. It was pretty good! Then we went to a park and played croquet. I dominated! I had no idea I was so good at it. The only thing is that I accidentally broke the mallet… After playing in the park we strolled the streets of Lynden and did a little bit of antiquing. I was so close to buying an exotic musical instrument! But I have more self control than that. It was a pretty mellow P-day.
Tuesday our day started off with our furious less active member again. She was convinced that her niece, our investigator, had told us something about her and she yelled at us over and over to tell us what she had told us. A lot happened in the conversation, so much that my companion and I were pretty much useless the entire day. Nether of us could focus! We both got blessings a few hours later and then we had permission to take it easy. So we hung out with sister Jeanne McGirr all day. We talked things over as much as we could. We even did a little bit of shopping (we had special permission). 
Wednesday we had District Meeting and we worked on asking and teaching with inspired questions. This is when you reach out to heaven seeking a spiritual prompting of what you need to say or ask. Later that evening we cleaned headstones at the cemetery with the ward. At this activity we had one of our investigators who has been coming to church for a couple of years. She is seventeen and pretty much a member already, she just needs to be baptized. The only challenge is finding time in her busy schedule to teach her. So we took this opportunity to teach her ALL the lessons. This was also the day the 40 day fast kicked off. It has been going pretty well so far. 
General conference was AMAZING! Many of my questions were answered and I received so much guidance. I can’t remember who spoke, but the talk that touch me the most was the one that said that our past sins will not prevent us from exaltation as long as we always repent and never rebel against god. I was touched deeply in my heart with peace and comfort. It was my first time wearing church clothes for all sessions of general conference. I think there is also a very special spirit when you watch it in the chapel. I hope we can all focus on what we need to change in our lives to live more like Christ.
I’m still mentally preparing for my first transfer. I don’t know if Sister Nelson or I will be transferred out, we will figure out soon though. If you want to send me something, I would just send it to the mission office to be safe.😁  
Today we are going to the Peace Arch. The Peace Arch is a place where you can step over the Canadian border without getting swarmed my border patrol. After that we are going to do a bit of grocery shopping and then we will go over to the McGirrs for a hot dog roast! This is our district leaders last p-day and we are going to make it one he will remember forever!

I love you and pray for you everyday!

Sister Tomkinson


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