Hello everyone!!!
This past week has been amazing! We went to the Peace Arch and it was pretty cool. We didn’t go through it at first because it was taped off. That didn’t keep us back for long! Now I’ve been to another country! After running from Canada back the the U.S. we had a bonfire at the McGirrs. 
Sister Nelson and I have been teaching a less active family , the Logstons, the lessons in preparation of them going to the temple. Brother Logston’s nephew is living with them and we are teaching him the lessons too. This family has a lot of health issues. Sister Logston and her sons all get really bad seizures and brother Logston has a terminal cancer that may or may not be in remission. They have really been struggling, but they are trying to get to the temple. I love how much hope there is for eternal families! 
Elder Hatch gave his last District Meeting Wednesday. Afterward we had a “funeral”. We ate at a burger place and took pictures at a cemetery! 
Thursday we volunteered at a Pioneer Museum. They were having an open house/ music festival. We were assigned to the game room where we taught kids how to play pioneer games. I had taken two excedrine for a headache so I was going a little crazy and I learned how to juggle. It was fun to see a bunch of people running around the Museum dressed like pioneers. 
We’ve also been teaching a lady named Krista. She is a mother of 3 whom she home schools. She is involved in another church but she is willing to listen to what we believe. We taught her the Plan of Salvation in our last lesson and she shared many of the same beliefs. I love it when members of other churches are respectful and willing to listed to our message. Too often we come across people who get angry with us for talking to them about what we believe. 
I also got a free pair of Birkenstock’s! I don’t know when I will use them on my mission…
We had a lesson with Sharon Pullen too. Sister Nelson felt inspired to promise her that if she started reading the Book of Mormon their financial problems would go away. We hope she listens.
Probably the most surprising, or strange, thing that happened this week was seeing Allison after the whole drama. The whole family acted like nothing had happened. It was really eerie. One of the girls’ friends in the ward later told us that they probably won’t be coming back to church because Sister Butler felt like everyone was judging them. I hope Allison will be able to find the church again. We do have a return appointment this coming Wednesday. I guess we will see what happens.
Yesterday we had an early birthday party for Sister Nelson at the McGirrs with the Ocheltrees. The reason we had an early birthday party is because Sister Nelson is getting transferred!😭😭😭 This is my last full day with my mother trainer! I’m nervous and excited to see who I will be with next. 
I have been dedicating my studies to the Book of Mormon because that is the tool that we use to prove that Jesus is the Christ and this is His restored church. I didn’t realize before how much was in the Book of Mormon. EVERYTHING that we need to know is in it. It has been the greatest opportunity to study these words. I hope that you will all study and feast upon the words of Christ! 
Have a great week!
Sister Tomkinson


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