I was getting ready to write to Liann and realized I didn’t get last week’s letter posted!  Here it is…

Hello Everyone! This week has been fantastic!
Last P-Day with Sister Nelson

Our last p-day was pretty mellow. We went to a pumpkin patch that also had a little corn maze which we finished in about 7 minutes give or take. Then we went to an antique store down the road. It was really cool! It was an old house and every room was filled with interesting and unique items. There was a lot of furniture that made me think of Fixer Upper and I think you would have been in heaven! Then we did a little shopping at Value Village. I think we were both a little stressed with transfers and we just wanted to forget everything. We spent the rest of the day saying goodbye to members, less actives, and investigators. 

The McGirrs drove us to the Mission Office for transfers. We left a little early so we could take lunch at Cafe Rio. I guess it’s a really popular place in Utah and Arizona. Sister Nelson explained it as “Mormon Mexican food” because it’s owned by Mormons. It was good, but I’m also not the best judge of food. Most of the time I just want yogurt. When we got to the Mission Office there were missionaries everywhere! It was pretty exciting. I got your package. It is really cool! Thank you for doing that! I didn’t meet my new companion til a little later. after packing her up we lead Sister Nelson and Sister Howard, her new companion, to their apartment because they are whitewashing in and neither of them knew where it was and they didn’t have their GPS out. After we guided them home, we started our own trek home. About half way back we realized that Sister Nelson’s purse and coat were still in the car! So we called her and turned around. We ended up missing our dinner appointment so the McGirr’s took us to Wendy’s. By the time we got home it was late, but not late enough to stay home, and we were ready to hibernate.  
1st Full Day with the New Companion

Sister Packer and I did a lot of work our first day, though we didn’t talk to a ton of people. It was mostly just a lot of knocking on doors and awkwardly talking to strangers. The usual. Good thing I mentally prepared for this by watching The Office! After dinner we did a little bit of shopping to get Sister Packer through till Monday.
New Investigator #1

Our first day we also stumbled across a Sikh woman at home and she is now a new investigator! The Sikh religion is actually pretty close to what we believe. I don’t know all about it, but this family studies from the Bible. She told us about her beliefs and her life and how grateful she was to be in America. 
Family Help

As a missionary I have discovered that people tell us EVERYTHING. I wish I was getting paid for the counseling I have done for people. It is crazy what some people tell us! I no longer want to be a child psycologest or anything. Real life is not for me. I’ve decided I’m going to live in Disney where I can always be a child! Just kidding! But for real, I have no idea what I want to do other than be a mom.  
In the Pink with Sister McGirr

On Friday we went into the “pink area” which is a farther area that we don’t go to very often. Sister McGirr took us up there and we talked with a few families. We also had the unique opportunity to go to a wedding reception. Jeanne wanted to drop by because she was worried there wouldn’t be very many people there. We didn’t stay long, but I still got to toast the bride and groom and watch their dance. It was very sweet!
Investigator #2

Saturday we received a media referral. A lady wanted a bible and we were the ones to deliver it to her.šŸ™ŒšŸ™ŒšŸ™Œ She had just moved in to her new home with her family. She is from Africa somewhere and she had an older son in about his later 20s and then a couple of teens, a daughter and two sons. We offered to teach her more about our beliefs and about the Book of Mormon. Her oldest son questioned us the most about our beliefs. He isn’t interested….yet. But the mom, Karima, is! We might see them again this week.
The “Storm”

So, probably the funniest thing about the catastrophic storm that we were going to have is that it never happened. Every house that we knocked on the people told us either they couldn’t talk because they were preparing for the storm, or they said we need to get in doors because a beg storm was coming. Ha ha ha.šŸ˜‘ I was really looking forward to some service opportunities. Oh well. 
Spontaneous Correlation Meeting

Sunday night we had the delightful opportunity to get together with our wonderful ward mission leader Joe McGirr. We discussed what we were going to do for our ward mission plan. I also played with their cat Simba. We are BFFs. This area is about to explode! I can feel it! I’m so excited to see what will happen!
Sister Tomkinson
P.S. To the other Sister Tomkinson: John McGirr is your AP?! What a small world! (I couldn’t figure out how to just send a message to you! lol)


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