Hello everybody everywhere!
This week has been a pretty mellow week for me. This morning we went and played volleyball with a group of missionaries and some moms. It was great! I’m already sore. The past few days my companion hasn’t been feeling very well so we took it a little easier than we would normally. I have really been enjoying the change that a transfer has brought. I feel like I can do more now that I’m out of training, but that was just a silly mind set! We had our half mission conference with Elder Dube on Tuesday. He spoke at general conference a little while ago. He is a black guy with a very thick accent. I got a lot from what I was able to understand Something that hit me the most was that we are teaching what we personally know, not what we should know or could know. And we teach from the heart. 
One of our investigators is getting baptized on the 5th of November! She has basically been a member for a couple of years now, she just needs to be baptized. We have been working on planning her baptism and I’m glad to have a companion who has planned one before because I wouldn’t know the first place to start! Sister Nelson might be coming back for Heidi’s baptism too. It will be fun to see her again. 
We accidentally went to Canada… So what happened was TomTom was leading us down a highway and we saw this beautiful rainbow off in the distance and it looked like it was getting closer and closer… then we were at a border crossing station with nowhere to turn around. We called Sister McGirr and she laughed at us a bit. Then she told us to talk to the people inside this little store we were parked next to so we did. The lady at the front desk listened to our situation and said: “So you want to go back to the States?” And we were all like:”…Yes…?” We didn’t think we were out of the States! 
So to summarize… don’t listen to TomTom, be yourself because you are enough, and follow your heart! Go out and do good!
Sister Tomkinson


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