Hello everybody out there!
It has been a crazy fantastic week!
Monday we had a few change of plans and ended up going out to lunch with Sister McGirr and her son. The we did a little bit of shopping at Walmart, stopped at Coconut Kenny’s to get paper cups and headed to Birch Bay! I got to play on the beach again! There were so many more kinds of shells than there were at Deception pass. And I filled two cups with shells. I think I accidentally brought some barnacles home, however, and they were stinky! But I bleached them and now it’s okay. After hanging at the beach for a bit we headed to Ferndale to Mt. Baker Lanes where we had a surprise party for Sister Bird, who is now home with her family. Sister Packer and I didn’t bowl because we were late, but we watched, cheered, and occasionally laughed! Then we had cake and headed to our dinner appointment. 
The last couple of days we have helped this older lady named Gail. We’ve done service for her before. We weren’t looking for service when we went to see her. It was just going to be a visit. But when we got there she told us she had just been praying for someone to help her. So we stayed with her a couple hours, moving furniture and such. They she towed us along to the garage where she revealed the Christmas tree we would be dragging in to decorate! While we put the thing up she decided she would prepare us a dinner. It was about 8 pm. I was not expecting to be fed at all and it kind of threw me off just a bit, especially since curfew was fast approaching. During dinner we shared a scripture with her from the Book of Mormon. She was a little hesitant about us sharing from the Book of Mormon, she would have preferred the Bible, like most people in Lynden. We shared it anyway and had a wonderful discussion about Christ. We didn’t have enough lights for the tree, so we came back Saturday at around 2:30 pm to finish decorating. She wasn’t feeling the greatest so she decided to go upstairs for a nap. We didn’t cover the tree with as many decorations as we would have liked because we had a dinner appointment to get to.
We’ve also started weekly lessons with a family in our ward. Her husband left them for a younger woman and she want’s us to bring the Spirit into her home because she no longer has a priesthood holder in the home. They are a wonderful family and she is a super mom! I don’t know how she does it. Anyway, we spent our Friday evening with them and they prepared us an early Thanksgiving feast. People like to test their new recipes on us! We taught them the Restoration using brownie mix. It was soooo cute! They practically taught the lesson because they knew so much.
This week I’ve also been trying to take as many pictures of the families here in Lynden as possible because of the possible transfer. And that’s good too because I’M GETTING TRANSFERRED!😥😥😥 I was hoping so hard that I would be able to stay here for the holidays, but God knows what’s best for me. I’m still pretty jittery, even with this knowledge. I have so much packing that I have to do! I’m super nervous, but excited for a new area. I feel like I was just getting to know everyone! And now I’m leaving. This mission thing is crazy! 
Have a great week everyone and good luck with anything you need good luck for!
Sister Tomkison


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