November 7

Hello everyone! Did you all have a marvelous week? 
We had a fantastic week, though it was a little slower again. I think we might be able to talk to some people by doing service for them, especially raking all the leaves that are now on the ground. It gets harder to contact people as it gets darker. Day Light Savings didn’t help with that either! Sister Packer tells me that it is at this time of year that you get the best stories. Tuesday we had exchanges and I got to go to Bellingham/ Ferndale with Sister Bird. We had a really awesome lesson with a lady named Jennifer. Her daughter was recently baptized and she was interested in learning more after watching The Restoration. She has a crazy life! She even died once and saw her friend who had passed a while back. Our lesson stretched for about two hours because we could rarely get a word in. But she is very spiritual and knows that she felt something about Joseph Smith. I hope she will find the truth! We had another lesson with this guy and his family. His wife is a returning less active and he is preparing for baptism! The whole family glows. This spirit was very strong during the lesson.

I have started studying the scriptures and Preach My Gospel in a different way during personal studies. I like to begin with a question in mind and I write it down in my notebook. I then read in the Book of Mormon where I left off from the day before. One of my questions this past week was: How does one strengthen their testimony? I read in 1 Nephi 11 to 12. Nephi wanted to understand what his father Lehi had prophesied and think he probably also wanted to know why they had to leave Jerusalem. The difference between Nephi and Laman and Lemule was that Nephi was willing to ask God. To gain a testimony you first must have the desire to have a testimony. Crazy, right! You must also have faith that God will answer you. Everything in the church always comes back to faith. Faith is an action word because you have to act to have it and grow it. A testimony is when you express your faith and your knowledge you gain through faith. Another thing about testimonies is that they have to be sought after. God isn’t just going to BOOM give you a testimony. What good would that be? There would be know growth and growth is the purpose of life. Testimonies take time, study, prayer. As you study you come up with questions. And that is great! Christs church was restored because of a question. Questions can result in personal revelation if you ask God. When you ask and recieve an answer your testimony grows. But we have to be cautious of the “Great and Spacious Building”. In Lehi’s vision the building loomed over the righteous and represented worldliness. It is too common now that we are found within the walls of worldliness. We cannot allow the world to taint us and to take the Spirit’s guidance from us. The moment we lose the Spirit is the moment our testimony begins to wither and eventually die. A testimony is the most precious thing you can have. Guard it no matter what.
Stay strong in what you know to be true and build off of that! God is always with you!
Have a great week!
Sister Tomkinson
P.S. Christmas is coming


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