December 12, 2016

Hello Everybody!
This past week we found 3 new investigators and we had a baptism!!!!!!!!💃💃💃 So, setting up for the baptism was CRAZY! The font was going to be filled because there was a baptism before us. When we got to the stake center nobody was there. It took us about 20 minutes to get keys so we could get in, then we had to get the font filled in about an hour. The font take 2 to 3 hours to fill. So to help in the water filling process we ran to the kitchen and filled water pitchers with the hottest water we could get. We were still doing this when Trevor got there with Brother Durland. We frantically kept filling! Somehow we managed to fill the font with just enough water.😌 The church is true! Trevor was confirmed a member the next day.
We also got snow over here! There was a couple inches on the ground, which is more than they get in a whole winter ( maybe exaggerating a little…), but it was enough to get school canceled and we weren’t allowed to drive because nobody here knows how to deal with snow. So we had the wonderful opportunity of walking around the last couple of days. We had our Christmas party (without Santa) on Saturday. The Harbour Pointe ward goes all out for their parties. It was Christmas in Nauvoo themed and pretty legit. 
This P-Day we are planning on taking a trip to Whigby Island (I probably butchered the spelling). We will take a ferry across the sea and a member will take us around to see some people that Sister Bell knows, she served there once, and then we will find some lunch. I hope to see an orcah whale or find a sand dollar on the beach! 
I hope you all have a fabulous week and #Light the World!
Sister Tomkinson 💖​


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