January 3, 2017

Hello Everybody! Happy New Year!
Well, since Thursday I have eaten deep fried gizzards, taught the plan of salvation, celebrated the new year five hours early, tracted in the freezing cold, and played games all P-Day.
So, Yah. The gizzard was chewy and I couldn’t stop thinking about how I was pretty much putting stomach in my stomach. Deep fried stomach. Gizzard is now the weirdest thing I have eaten on my mission so far. Sister Bell kept saying that it tasted like chicken.
We taught Trevor the plan of salvation as one of his recent convert lessons. It was pretty fun. We drew it on a chalkboard, which was half the fun. We are such artists! We had Trevor tell us what he remembered about the plan, and them we and the members we had come to the lesson would fill in anything that was left out, or we would just discuss each stage. Trevor has been doing pretty well. He should be getting the priesthood Sunday.
New Year’s Eve was a weird day. It was just like any other day until five o’ clock, when we had to go home and stay inside for the wrest of the night. With the extra free time we were given we finished up with our weekly planning and partied! We played a game that we had borrowed from the Davis family. We also dug into the new year package that my grandma Floyd sent. Thanks Grandma! We broke out the glow sticks, ate the giant scotcheroo, and drank apple pomegranate martinelli’s. And to wrap everything up, we went to bed early!!! 
It has been snowing here a lot more than anybody said it would. I think instead of bikes we would have cross country skis! We also have one o’clock church now! Which is actually kinda weird because we have lunch before church, and we have to proselyte before church. It was hard talking to anybody the morning of new years. Everyone was asleep!
We had a pretty good P-Day, too. We had lots of time to shop and get all our necessities because the library was closed making is impossible to E-mail! After shopping and stuff we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant called Azteca. It was yummy! Then we played games at the Davis’s. Lots of games. Sooooooo many games! 
I hope everybody has a fantastic week, and fantastic year, and fantastic missionary experiences!
Sister Tomkinson


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