January 17, 2017

Hello everyone!
It has been another wonderful sum-what wet week in Washington!
So for P-Day our little hike/ nature walk took us to the beach! I always love going to the beach. All the many things you find there fascinate me. Naturally I collected shells. 
On Tuesday we were invited/ roped into leading an Activity Days activity, which turned out awesome! We were planning on doing different stations where you would do some kind of missionary activity like sewing a button, or creating a missionary outfit. Sister Bell and I traced ourselves onto some paper so they could color the missionaries. We also had a station where they could make their own name tags. The girls spent all their time decorating the missionaries! They were super decorated! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it did!
Thursday we had a blitz with the APs and another set of elders. We sent them to different places in our area to tract and find. While Sister Bell and I were tracting, we met a guy out smoking in his car, so we talked. He said his name was Jeff. We talked about some of our beliefs and the Restoration. Then we asked if we could come back to talk more and he said we could! We set the return appointment for Saturday.
So Saturday we had exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders. I got to be companions for the day with Sister Howard. While we were planning what we were going to do she realized she forgot her Tewi card, which you have to have to drive. We were bike missionaries for the day! I discovered that our area is covered in hills. By the end of the day my legs were jello. But enough about my legs, I’m sure you are all wondering about Jeff. Are you ready for this? Hold on to your had, this is going to be a nail biter! Jeff wasn’t actually Jeff. When we knocked on not-Jeff’s-door and asked for Jeff, the man who came to the door WAS NOT JEFF. Yep. Somebody thought they were really funny! The real Jeff was really nice, though, and being missionaries we decided to start teaching the Restoration. We chatted a bit, and the member that came with us for the lesson may have found the real Jeff a temporary job, of which he was looking for. Though slightly confusing, everything went well.
Sunday Trevor prepared the sacrament and stayed up on the stand to bless it! They thought he should wait to actually say the prayer till next week so he could see how it was done. We didn’t even notice him come in, and then BOOM, he was on the stand in a white shirt and tie (it was his fist time wearing a tie in all the time I have known him) as if he had done it forever! It has been amazing to see all the changes Trevor has gone through since being baptized. I love what the Spirit does with people when you let it in your heart.
I hope you all have a fantastic week!
Sister Tomkinson​


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