January 23, 2017

Hello everybody! Hows the weather?
My week went a little like this:
Fitch Family Home Evening, teaching Trevor and visiting the afflicted, visiting less actives and struggling families, Zone Conference, Jackie, The Migraine vs. God’s Work, and Come See For Yourself. These are only a few of the things we did, they are just the things that stuck our a little more.
I have found that Family Home Evenings are a little difficult.😑 Difficult because you are trying to keep the attention of an age varying group of people with things to get done. It’s fun to see the family dynamics in each family. And I love teaching little kids! The Fitch’s are a wonderful family. Sister Fitch is a doTerra consultant, or whatever you call it. I never thought I would get into it, but it got me! And sister Fitch so conveniently has everything you could ever need at her home. We talked with her family about creating their Family Mission Plan, which has been a major push in this stake. And we love it! We are hoping is will get members involved in missionary work. 
Trevor is progressing nicely. We talked about the importance of prayer with him, and we committed him to kneeling prayers to his Heavenly Father. Our other lesson with him was going over the Law of Chastity with him. He feels very strongly about keeping this law! Sunday Trevor helped prepare the Sacrament again, but this time he decided to bless is. He did really well, but missed a few words. I think he got embarrassed though, and let another young man say it. After the meeting he came up to us sum what dejected. We reassured him that nobody expects him to be perfect his first time. 
We also visited Sister Bergevin, who is a Bishop’s Shore House missionary. She lives alone at home with her four dogs. We saw her specifically because we heard that she had fallen and twisted her ankle. Her daughter was with her when we got there. Sister Bergevin was sitting in her comfy chair with her foot up, and she told us how she had been outside when she fell down, twisting her ankle, and hitting her head on her window. She said she laid there for a long time. And it was cold! Somehow she got up and back into her house. The funny thing is that not only did she drive herself the the hospital, she also took a shower before going! She is a funny lady! 
We have also been visiting a lot of families that have members struggling with their testimonies. It’s sad to see people fall away when you can see the truth. We try our best to show them how to strength their testimonies, then let them go. A less active we visited told us about his story of finding the church. He didn’t like how his mother believed that only a few chosen people would actually go to heaven, and everyone else would burn in hell. So he started his search for the truth. He was pretty active in the church after baptism. He has the priesthood and everything, but something happened that weakened his faith. He told us that organized religion was corrupt, and that nobody really follows the Savior. His thoughts got me thinking about how Christ organized a church, and nobody can fully follow him because we are all so imperfect. Organized religion strengthens it’s members, especially when they have the full truth!  
Zone Conference was really awesome! The instruction we received was truly inspired! I love how much inspiration I take away from these meetings. They help us focus on what we can work on to be better missionaries. President Wilding talked about what repentance means to him. To me repentance is change. Change that brings you closer to Christ. Repentance is handing your will over to God and allowing him to make you better. It’s becoming the best version of yourself. 
Jackie finally responded to us! She was at a hospital for some stuff, but she was discharged against her will so now she is looking for a lawyer. We decided the best thing that we could do for her was to have her study Christ’s life in the Bible. We promised her happiness and light as she studies her scriptures. Happiness is something that she and many others struggle to find. I know that focusing on the Savior brings light into your life. I know that is how we can find true happiness! Let the light of the Savior warm your souls! Oh, and while we were testifying and getting all spiritual, a chihuahua vomited on me. Missionary life struggles.
Yesterday we had to wake up earlier so that we could make it to a missionary round table meeting with Stake President Lee. The meeting was on how we can get members involved in missionary work. It was during this meeting that Sister Bell started getting one of her legendary migraines. She gets blind spots, nauseous, head pain, and numbness. And I can’t drive. She got a blessing after the meeting and we made our way home. Luckily we have 1 o’clock church and she got to sleep some of it off. Her main worry was that we wouldn’t be able to go to the CSFY devotional, and it would be her last one since she is going home soon. Well, long story shot, we got to go. We took a less active lady, Sister Workman, to it and she really liked it. All in all it was a really awesome week filled with adventure!
I hope you all have wonderful weeks filled with many opportunities to share your light! 
Sister Tomkinson 💖


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