January 30, 2017

Hello again everybody!
The weather here has been pretty gorgeous, and warming up.😊 I’m trying to think about what happened this week…I know it was busy, but everything kinda blurs together. Let’s see…
It was a little bit rough for finding people this week. We ended up dropping four of our investigators: Ed, Alyssa, Hannah, and Alana. But we still have Jo! And we were finally able to meet with her Friday. She is doing okay, still facing her dad’s passing day by day. She was really close with him.
We also helped Roberta with Activity Days. We made, or rather decorated, journals. Those girls LOVE to decorate things! 
Sunday was crazy! First off, people came for a returned missionaries home coming, and then we had Jo, Sister Workman, Roberta, and Trevor prepared and stood in for the sacrament again, though he didn’t try blessing it. A little update on Trevor is we are helping him to get his temple recommend so he can go do baptisms! And Roberta is going to be talking in stake conference this Sunday! We were super excited when she made it to Sacrament meeting. She came to Gospel Principles then when home. She is still healing from surgery. Sister Workman sat with us for Sacrament meeting, then she came to Gospel Principals, and even participated. A brother in the ward took her to our combined third hour in the chapel, where we learned about how to teach our children about some of the more controversial topics out there that most anti-Mormon literature is about. Jo was also with us. It was her first time coming to all three hours of church! And it was all because Sister Brown, the sister we take to Jo’s lessons, asked if she wanted to stay. Steve didn’t want to stay though.πŸ˜‘ We need to find him a friend. 


Some little tidbits I have learned this week are:

-It is perfectly normal to be imperfect

-There is only black and white, no gray in-between. Either you are getting closer to God, or farther.

-Pride is the king of contention 
Have a great week!
Sister Tomkinson πŸ’–


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